How it started?

PaFit Strength was founded during the 2020 Pandemic by Mina Paes. During this period, it was difficult to get hold of fitness equipment online that I needed for the desired resistance for my body weight workouts at home. I finally managed to find some rubber resistance bands. However, each training session left me more bruised than actually working me out! I became frustrated at how they pinched my skin, repeatedly rolled up, wore out quickly and not to mention the amount of times they snapped! Overall, leaving me very unsatisfied. 

Taking all of this into consideration, I decided to resolve these challenges by creating a fitness brand; that would combine convenience, quality and flexibility at affordable prices.

Why the fire? 

Working out makes me feel empowered, light with a strong energy and I couldn't find a better symbol to represent this feeling than fire. That's exactly what I want every single one of you to feel too when using PaFIT brand. 

Bringing to you

Like myself, this brand will encourage anyone that doesn't have the time to go to the gym, the ability to have a toned, sculpted and strong body just by combining the use of bodyweight together with convenient premium workout equipment that can easily be transported around to wherever your workout spot is!

Right now

Currently, we are delivering to you the flexibility to workout anywhere, with convenient premium quality fitness products starting with our durable fabric resistance bands and more to come!

We are here to encourage you to put that POWER FIRE ENERGY into your fitness journey with consistency and no excuses!

Remember that 'willpower is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets', you can do it!

Join the #pafitstrength familia🔥 and stay connected with us via Instagram and Facebook. 

Love, Team PaFIT Strength